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How Bad Credit Loans Accepted With Instant Decision In The Simplest Way

Bad credit loans aim to help borrowers with poor credit history and bad ratings. The money you borrow despite with such a financial profile is known as a bad credit loan.

In times gone by, it was not feasible for you to borrow money on Instant decision when your credit score was not up to the par.

You were not allowed to borrow money if your credit score was less than 881 (a good credit rating, according to Experian, the top credit reference agency).

What is Bad Credit Loan

Thanks to online lending flexibility, direct lenders now consider applications from bad credit borrowers, believing the fact that you can lose your score due to unavoidable reasons like being sick in hospital.

Not all direct lenders offer bad credit loans in Ireland, but we do. Getting your needs funded has become more comfortable with us. We assure you that you will get such loans at lower interest rates.

Note that you should not apply for poor credit loans just because they are easily available. Borrow only when you are in dire need of money.

Here are some of the circumstances when you can think of applying for such loans:

  • You have a financial emergency, like urgent medical bills.
  • You want to rebuild your credit score.

You can borrow between €1,000 and €25,000. However, note that you will have to pay off the debt in a lump sum if the range of borrowing money is between €1,000 and €1,500.

If you borrow over €1,500, you will pay in instalments. Look at the following table for more details:

Borrowing Amount Instalment Types
Between €1,501 and €2,000 Weekly
Between €2,001 and €2,500 Bi-weekly
Over €2,500 Monthly

What Are The Features Of Loans For Bad Credit with Instant decision?

Loans for bad credit are considered expensive because of high-interest rates in Ireland. We do not know much about what other direct lenders are charging, but we can assure you that you will get loan deals more affordable and competitive from us. Here are the features we offer:

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly repayments
  • Buffer period of seven days in case you are not able to make a repayment
  • No early repayment charge, provided you inform us in advance
  • An affordability check before approving your loan application

What Do I Need To Do To Get Quick Loan Acceptance?

You all know the necessary steps to apply for bad credit loans. When you apply with us, we will consider your income to decide the disbursal limit.

INCOME factor plays a paramount role in case of bad credit acceptance loans. As we follow FCA guidelines, we ask all borrowers for submitting their income statement because it will help us know your current financial condition and affordability.

If we suspect that you have left very little or no money after meeting all of your monthly expenses, we will not approve your application.

However, if we find that you can afford the loan (for instance €1,200) but less than the amount you mentioned in your application (for example, €1,500), we will disburse what you can afford (€1,200).


The Importance Of Direct Lending In Availing Poor Credit Loans

While both traditional financial institutions and direct lenders are out there, it can be confusing to decide where to get a loan in Ireland with bad credit. Below is a table that compares traditional lending with modern lending.

Traditional Lending Modern Lending
You had to wait for a couple of days to get a loan approved. Online lending enables you to get bad credit loans with instant decision.
You were not allowed to borrow money in case your credit report is not stellar even in case of a financial emergency. Direct lenders do not discriminate between good credit and bad credit borrowers.
Traditional lending involved processing fees. A few direct lenders do not charge any processing fees.

What Exclusive Benefits Can You Get If You Apply For Bad Credit Loans With Us?

Apart from seven days extension in repayment, you can renew your loan at the same interest rate, so you can continue to keep making repayments at your comfort.

For instance, if you have borrowed €1,000 @ 4.5% for 20 days, you can renew your loan for another period of 20 days @ 4.5% provided you can prove that you missed the due date because of unavoidable circumstances, for instance, you were sick in hospital or suffering bereavement.

Why Should Current Finance Loans Be Your Lender’s Choice?

Several direct lenders are out there offering personal loans in Ireland for bad credit. This is why you can go to any lender to borrow money, but we believe that Current Finance Loans will be an ideal choice for you because:

  • Our interest rates are lower than other direct lenders.
  • We carefully analyse your affordability because our aim is not to make profits but to help you financially.

Your credit score is no longer a problem with Current Finance Loans. Apply now.

Loans in Ireland with Bad Credit – Change Repayment Schedule during Tenure

We understand that financial issues keep coming like a bumpy road, and in those circumstances, you may not be able to pay instalments. This creates fear of what can be the consequences of this condition. We know that you will need us to understand your situation. Of course, the support is there to figure out the most relatable solution and get back on the track. It is essential to try to make a good payment history with us because we can give the due flexibility when you are in need.

What to do if you want to change your repayment schedule for loans in Ireland with bad credit?

  • Call us or contact us online and explain to us your situation
  • We will design a new repayment schedule for you
  • After your acceptance we apply new instalment plan
  • Change can include different date or even interest rate
  • You need to inform at the right time for a suitable solution

Bad Credit Loans in Ireland Features

  • Open 365 days anytime
  • No annoying charges
  • Borrow on low rates
  • Get for any circumstances
  • Available across Ireland

I Was Rejected by a Lender Last Time Am I Still Eligible to Apply for Loans for Bad Credit in Ireland?

Of course, your application can be considered despite rejection in your last application because once again, we base our approval decision on the repaying capacity. Varied lenders have varied terms and conditions. You cannot qualify for funds with every lender.

  • You should apply to us, and we will thoroughly check your loan application
  • Your personal finances should look fine with a satisfying financial capacity currently
  • Do not make applications to other lenders. We avoid multiple footprint applicants
  • You are eligible for instant approval decision in this case too as it is our loan feature

Are Very Bad Credit Loans and Bad Credit Loans in Ireland Similar?

No, both are different in nature and condition. The very bad credit loans are those obtained in the worst credit situation with a score of 0 to 560. A bad credit score is about 561 – 720. It means both are different conditions and with other circumstances. Many of our customers get confused between the very bad credit and bad credit loans. A comparison can help develop an understanding.

Bad Credit Loans Very Bad Credit Loans
Bad credit loans serve to the borrowers with credit score between 561-720 Very bad credit loans are designed for those with 0-560 credit score
These are available at a lower rate of interest for every borrower with customisation Customisation is available even in very bad credit loans, but interest rates are higher
Bad credit loan applicants generally have issues of late or pending credit card payments, late or missed bill/debt payments etc. Very bad credit loan applicants majorly have issues like CCJ, Bankruptcy, Individual Voluntary Arrangement etc.
You can easily get bad credit loans on instant decision in Ireland In very bad credit loans, many finance companies do not provide instant decision facility

Eligibility Parameter at CurrentFinanceLoans

We follow the fair lending rules and have the eligibility conditions accordingly. We work in accordance with the rules set by the regulatory authorities. Here are the eligibility conditions –

  • Age requirement for the applicant is minimum of 18
  • Should be employed for a minimum of 6 months
  • Your name should be in the electoral roll
  • You must have a bank account with a regular income

The above are the general terms and conditions applicable in any case of bad credit loans in Ireland. However, according to circumstances, the terms and conditions can change. For example – after the pandemic, the conditions have changed many, and many people are still not getting 100% salary. In that case, the affordability check has become more detailed.

CurrentFinanceLoans is always destined to figure out better solutions for you, and for that, we act rational as well as flexible at the same time. The rational part demands a strong repaying capacity. If that is available, you can see us watching acting plausible in every aspect. From repayment schedule to the interest rate, we are ready to adjust anywhere. This gives you the surety that you are getting the bestbad credit accepted loans in Ireland. You can find us available anytime 24x7, 365 days.

Bad Credit Loans FAQs

Do you offer bad credit loans on an instant decision?

Yes, we do offer bad credit loans in the instant decision but with the criterion of presenting good income. The lender progresses with no credit check feature, which further states as leniency in work. If the borrowing amount is significant, the lender can consider giving secured funds to support the borrower in need.

Can I get a Bad Credit loan if I am unemployed?

Yes, there is a financial term where you can collect the bad credit loans even if you are unemployed. The lender considers giving the money based on your side income and other liable documents. The instant disbursal is provided with ease if the criterion is followed.

Are there any guaranteed loans for bad credit?

There are guaranteed loans for bad credit if the applicant serves the income and the repayment process as an assurance the term will be handled properly. You can also get approval by presenting guarantor, which is optional and depending on the applicant’s choice.

Do I need collateral to get a bad credit loan?

It depends on the situation or the amount you have quoted. The bad credit loan serves when the credit score report is not up to the mark. If the amount is big, then you can arrange collateral for approval.

What is the best way to get bad credit loans in Ireland?

The best way to get the bad credit loans in Ireland is to search for a reliable lender, fill up the application form. Based on the requirement and the quoted amount, you can collect money on bad credit score.

What happens if I miss a loan repayment?

The lender may send you the reminder to make you aware of the missed payment. If you do not abide by the reminder from the lender’s call, then you will be getting CCJ order for the progress of the situation.

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