Hard Money Loans: 10 Tips That Will Help Approve Hard Money Loan Easily
admin December 6, 2021

Investing in real estate can be a lucrative option to diversify your assets and portfolio. While there are multiple options for owning just a part of a complete home through REITS and real estate crowdfunding, many individuals prefer to own the property directly.

What is a Hard Money Loan? 

Hard Money loans are intended for house flippers and real estate investors. It is for someone who doesn't want to contact lenders but owns the property directly. These loans are short-term loans, and the home purchased on loan can be used as collateral.

These loans rely on collateral rather than the financial position of the applicant. The funding time is relatively short. Even though creditworthiness does not affect loan approval, lenders consider home equity, debt to income ratios, and loan to value ratios for approving loans. These loans have a high-interest rate and are riskier for the lender as well.

Under this, default can often result in a profitable situation. Therefore, whether an individual applies for a bad credit loans on instant decision in Ireland, he/she may not fall into severe debt.

These loans are not granted by traditional lenders but by private companies that accept the property as collateral. The approval process for a mortgage might take a month or more, but hard money loans can be approved within a few days. A hard money loan is typically the best option for quick home financing until one secures it through traditional mode.

Hard Money Vs. Soft Money

Hard Money and Soft Money both are different ways to borrow, but the loans secured are backed by different things. Hard money is secured by physical assets like property, while soft money is secured by the borrower's credit. 

Soft money loans are riskier than hard money loans, which are backed by assets rather than the borrower's ability to repay. A borrower is considered in default until he repays the sum in full.

How to Get a Hard Money Loan Approved without failing?

Besides having a good credit score to get good credit from the bank, you need to analyze the application process since it differs from traditional lenders. Here are some tips to follow to approve a hard money loan hassle-free. And use quick loans in Ireland with no guarantor wisely:

1)      Find a reliable Hard Money lender

If a bank has rejected your application for a quick home loan, you might search for the best hard money loan lenders in the UK. So, while choosing one for your thing, consider the below points:

  • Does this lender have a legitimate and responsive website?
  • Does this lender have a good standing with its investors?
  • What type of projects did the lender pass earlier?
  • Does the lender have a physical place and staff to visit and contact?

Concluding the above things will help you start right and follow the process smoothly.

2)      Consider the situation and pros and cons of hard loan

A hard money loan is usually a short-term loan, particularly for 12 months. Analyze whether you can pay the sum within the timeframe or not. Hard money loans have a high-interest rate, so it is important to consider this factor. These loans include fees and closing costs that have to be paid by the borrower.

3)      Evaluate the time frame

Hard money loans have quick-turnaround times than other loans. Most banks take longer because of multiple requirements needed to sanction the loan. In contrast to it, private lenders can grant the loan within two weeks. You can borrow money in Ireland if you need to finance the project quickly.

4)      Underline the potential value of the property you want to purchase

The finances for a hard money loan are based on the collateral value of the property, not the credit score. You will need to present the property value, like the architectural value of the property, the construction budget, and the repairs and renovations needed.

A hard money loan is ideal for the persons who want to buy the property immediately and re-sell it after some renovations.

  • Prove the value of the property in the area. Analyze the value of the property in a similar area and the projections of growth.
  • Having a history as a real estate developer can help you get a loan approved faster.

5)      Prepare the documents well

Though most lenders are concerned with the value of the property you want to buy with a hard money loan, you might be asked to produce an array of documents for verification like – W-2s, credit reports, bank statements, etc. Therefore, prepare in advance to present these documents to your lender and ease up the loan sanction process.

6)      Present a clear financial plan of the home

Hard money lenders typically fund 60-70% of the after-repair value of the loan. You will fund the remaining 30% of the cost. For this, you need to be cash-ready. You can utilize bad credit loans on an instant decision in Ireland for this. Because if you do not have the cash in hand, the lender may put your proceedings on hold.

Most lenders look forward to borrowers having 30-40% of the money and don't take another loan to finance it.

It applies to individual homes, not commercial properties.

7)      Review the legal Terms and conditions

Review the loan terms and conditions before signing the dotted line. Get the help of a professional lawyer who will help you follow the guidelines and make the right decision while taking quick loans in Ireland with no guarantor. Find out whether the loan agreement includes an upfront fee. Know all the legal regulations that apply to private lenders.


  • How much will your repayment payment be?
  • How much interest will you accrue on loan?
  • What will be the loan’s impact on personal liability?

Analyzing these will help you borrow money in Ireland sagaciously and prevent you from falling into a risky situation.

8)      Contact your lender frequently

Hard loan money lenders analyze whether you need the loan on an urgent basis or not. Thus, for the lender to believe this, contact your lender frequently and confirm whether or not they need any additional information or documents or want to enquire about the previous bad credit loans instant decision Ireland. It is important because if you delay in securing the loan from the lender, the lender may pass the assets to someone else.

9)      Receiving the loan

Once you receive the hard money loan, move to the investment proceedings quickly. The hard money loan does not share a long tenure. Thus, you need to skip the further investment proceedings once you get it approved. 

For this, ensure that you have proper documents lined up without fail. Interact with your construction workers, legal advisors, lawyers, financial advisors, builders and set a defined target for the project completion. It is important for you to sell the house within a year, and thus, you need to use the quick loans in Ireland with no guarantor resources efficiently and quickly for the loan to work.

10)   Secure property insurance

Though not imperative or mandatory, many hard money lenders require the borrower to have insurance to cover up the repair and renovation damage to the property. To make it a cheaper investment, you can contact the insurance company you already have contacted in the past or check or the affordable insurance companies in your area.

11)   Repay the loan

It is the most important aspect of hard money loans.  An individual needs to pay the money back after 12 months. Failing which, the lender may take your property as collateral. So, before taking the hard money loan, analyze your financial situation and your need to borrow money in Ireland and other expenditures. It is ideal to pay the loan in large repayments.

So, analyze whether a hard money loan is ideal for you, and these are the things that you need to ensure to get the loan approved by the lenders in the first attempt itself.