How Loans Became My Saviour as a New Mother Without a Full-time Job?

Being a mother is indeed the most significant feeling anyone can experience in their life. Bringing a life into this world, a life that will be your whole world, and you would be the whole world for it.

However, motherhood comes with a lot of strain. You need a lot of will power and endurance to become a mother.

Dealing with changes in your body, mind, and life, changes that have the probability of being there for a lifetime indeed require strength and resilience.

The fact that women have the innate ability to deal with all of that, along with a few other things, makes life worthwhile for us, more times than not.

Here is my story of motherhood, and it’s lasting effects on my career.

The Elation

The day I found out that I was going to be a mother was the second-best day of my life, first was the day my baby was born.

I could not believe the pregnancy test and had to click a picture and send it to my husband to make me believe it.

My life was going to change, and I was over the moon, having that knowledge. My baby meant the world to me, and I had done anything to give him the best life possible.

I had been working the entire term of my pregnancy. It was only when the due date was around the corner that I went on six-month-long maternity leave.

On the 2nd of March 2020, my baby was born amidst the Corona crisis.

He was a charmer from day one, having wrapped his parents around his little finger without any effort.

The Difficulties

Having a baby is not only difficult for a woman’s body but also for the family’s finances.

The last-minute C-section drained us of our last saved penny, but we never regretted it. Money could be earned back. However, we might not have gotten the chance to become parents again. Moreover, CurrentFinanceLoans, with its smooth and hassle-free, we had become secure for a while.

It is not just the delivery, but babies generally are expensive. My firm has denied me maternity benefits because of the economy’s downfall, cost-cutting was the reason given to me.

Even with the government benefits for new mothers, we were filled to the brim with bills.

I needed to do something.

The Solution

I was a professional coder, and the good thing about my profession was I could code from anywhere, as long as I had a computer, and I did.

I just needed to make my presence known to the world, which I did not know-how.

I finally found an organization that would make a website for me, makes my presence known, and get clients in the initial phase. It would also teach me to use my website for more capital growth. However, they required an upfront payment of one grant.

I knew my job was not waiting for me, and we needed the extra income, the website was the only solution. Thank God for unemployed loans, this helped me get what I wanted, despite not having a full-time job.

I received my first job on June 2nd and have done over 30 projects until now.

I could do more, but having a baby changes your priorities.

The Good Life

I love my life, my family, and my job.

Being a mother had put my career on hold, but it does not have to. I realized that through a difficult, financially draining time in my life.

I became a freelance coder.

I dictate my deadlines;

I only take projects that are feasible with my schedule and won’t drain me too much;

And I never dealt with clients who were too bossy and demanding.

I never had this kind of liberty in my professional life, and I loved every minute of it.

I never had this kind of liberty in my professional life, and I loved every minute of it.

Yes, I am a new mother. Yes, I do not have a full-time job. Yes, I am still earning enough to give my baby everything he needs.

The present times are indeed tough, especially for new babies and new mothers. However, they can be made less severe on your finances through loans, which allow you the power and strength to accomplish things you could not do without them.

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