List of Reliable Life Insurance Companies in Ireland

Are you looking for a life insurance policy to get yourself and your family covered? Are you bewildered in choosing the right policy after studying different companies? This blog will help you comprehend the nuances and intricacies involved in the life insurance policy advertisements.

You can compare the different policies and decide which one is best suited for you on the basis of some critical factors.

How Can Life Insurance Help Me?

Emergency doesn’t announce in advance and comes as an unwelcoming guest to drain you financially. The healthcare expenses have been shooting northwards from many years now. In case of a medical emergency or your untimely death, your family has to suffer if you had left them with no money. This is where life insurance kicks in to safeguard the future of your family after the policyholder’s demise.

People usually lose all their savings and are in debt after paying the hospital bills. All this happened because they didn’t have life insurance.

However, there are multiple options of fast loans on the same day available in Ireland but why should one incur additional liability when he can go for insurance to cover all medical expenses by paying a small premium every month.

Leading Life Insurance Companies in Ireland

There are many life insurers in Ireland, but some of the reputed names are listed below:

  1. Zurich Life Insurance
  2. Royal London
  3. New Ireland Assurance
  4. Aviva Life insurance
  5. Irish Life Insurance
  6. Acorn Life Insurance
  7. Standard Life Insurance

Now, the million-dollar question is, who is the best out of all these insurers? A simple answer to that is, there is no “best” company. All of them are best in one or the other aspect. Also, no two people have the same need, so what may be the best company for me might not be the best for you.

In this blog, we will assess these insurance companies on different parameters and inform you about their specialities. This blog will also highlight some of the factors you should consider for comparing other insurers online.

Benefits: A Little Extra Does Not Harm Anyone

Though all these companies are into life insurance space but not all of them are similar, every company is differentiated from each other and is thus unique. You will have to rarely look for effective cash loans for unemployed in Ireland in case of a medical emergency when you have life insurance with any of these companies mentioned below.

  • Zurich Life Insurance: They are known to provide cancer only cover. Zurich has a range of insurance products for you, including Business Protection and Mortgage Protection insurance as well in their portfolio.
  • Royal London: This insurer is famous for dual life mortgage protection cover. They also offer life insurance to cover your mortgage.
  • New Ireland Assurance: New Ireland Assurance is a part of Bank of Ireland group with a 23% market share in new policies in 2019. They offer free whole life cover in their policies.
  • Aviva Life insurance: Their unique selling proposition is that after getting life insurance from them, you will have access to the best doctors in the country.
  • Irish Life Insurance: They are best known for children’s cover and are a subsidiary of one of the leading pension companies in Ireland, which are Irish Life Group. They also have many innovative health insurance policies providing a plethora of benefits so that you don’t have to take fast loans same day in an emergency.

The factors mentioned below are some of the considerations you must contemplate in advance while comparing the different insurers online. This will help you find the right deal for yourself.


Look for the price these companies are offering, how much premium you will have to pay monthly. What all is covered in your insurance policy, who and when will he get the benefits etc. This price will determine your monthly outgo, thus choose the policy accordingly, which does not disturb your financial planning.


Which company is known for its quickest application processing and turnaround time in issuing policy? What additional assistance does the insurer provides in the document verification process, whether processes are online or you have to visit their office etc.


This could be a tedious process if you ignored this aspect while comparing insurance companies online. You should do in-depth research about the history of claim settlements by the insurer, its current claim settlement ratio and whether it is below or above the industry average.

Choosing which policy is the best is purely a subjective matter. Still, a lot depends on factors like your age, the number of dependants in your family, are you working or retired, do you have any current health problem, your income, debt levels, your city etc.

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