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The capital city of Ireland, Dublin, is a place of wonderful opportunities for working professionals to earn a fortune. However, there are times when the financial instability gets the hold of your finances regardless of your paycheque. You can rely on our services to get loans in Dublin to make ends meet.

At Current Finance Loans, we offer a practical solution to your financial troubles with our long list of loans. There are no brokers or middlemen involved to charge commission. Furthermore, the online process ensures complete transparency to ensure borrowers don’t fall into another debt trap.

Here are the loans in Dublin we offer to the borrowers in need of urgent financial help –

Quick Loans

Quick loans are short-term loans offered to the borrowers with urgent requirement of funds. You need to submit the loan application along with the required documents online. Within a few minutes, our representative will verify the details and approve the loan application.

It is one of the fastest methods to access funds at the comfort of your home. Some people use their credit card for withdrawal as an alternative to the quick loans. However, there is a significant gap in the interest rates that may sound unreasonable at times.

Quick loans in Dublin are usually applied when the amount required is small. You should look for the other loan types if you want a bigger amount. However, the overall cost will remain low for the loan when you choose a short-term loan.

  • Instant Approval
  • Fastest Fund Disbursement
  • Short Tenure of Repayment

Cash Loans

We offer cash loans in Dublin to the borrowers who want loan amount in cash, instead of an account transfer. Again, these are short-term loans with delivering the loan amount to the borrowers. It is ideal for the elderly or people with limited mobility.

Borrowers also get the option to pay the instalments in cash or online transfer. Our representative will collect the cash from your home on the agreed date. Also, the loan amount is kept short of making the repayment a matter of a few weeks.

Cash loans in Dublin and other Ireland’s major cities come with a higher interest rate because of the added comfort to the process. However, you will enjoy the personalised service with the representative taking care of the request. They might be the only option if you don’t have time to visit the nearest ATM after the whole approval process.

  • Loan Amount Offered in Cash
  • Doorstep Services
  • No Extra Charges

Unemployed Loans

We at Current Finance Loans serve different credit profile that is often sent to the rejection list of the lenders such as Provident loans in Dublin. These include the people without a regular day job who need short- or long-term loans. You can get the loan amount approved if you have a credible repayment plan.

These flexible and fast loans in Dublin are for the people who have a side hustle or parttime job. You can use the amount to start your solo endeavour or freelance career. Many small businesses use it as a temporary relief to the cashflow problems.

You need some kind of income to prove your repaying ability to our representative. These may include some benefit scheme from the government as well. However, there is a very low chance of approval if you already have a pile of unpaid debt.

  • For People with No Regular Job
  • Available for Side Hustle, Freelancing, Government Benefits, and Businesses
  • No Hard Enquiry on Credit History

Personal Loans

Personal loans in Dublin are the traditional, long-term loans for the borrowers in a significant financial crisis. You can choose your preferred term of repayment, from a few months to 5 years, based on your repaying ability. A personal loan can be helpful in numerous situations, from wedding to medical bills.

Unlike the banks, you don’t need to stand in a queue and wait for weeks to get approval for a personal loan in Dublin. The personal loan process at Current Finance Loans is simple and way faster than the traditional sources. You need to fill a simple application form to get the loan amount within the next 24 hours.

These loans are meant for almost every situation, and this is also a significant downside of choosing it. You can apply for loans in Dublin that are created to fulfil a particular purpose. These include car finance, house mortgage, student loan, and loans for bad credit.

  • Loans for Any Purpose
  • Tenure from 6 Months to 5 Years
  • Faster Processing than Banks

Bad Credit Loans

Your credit history is a report card for your financial decisions and past setbacks. Banks hardly consider the loan application if they find your credit history is not good enough. Even if they approve the loan, the terms and interest rates are unreasonably high for bad credit loans in Dublin.

We offer people a loan based on their present affordability and income. It has nothing to do with the previous setbacks you might have faced. The interest rates and instalments are kept manageable to avoid a default situation.

This doesn’t mean we will not check the credit history. We perform a soft enquiry to assess your affordability while not damaging the credit history. Therefore, a long list of debts and extremely low credit scores will not qualify for bad credit loans in Dublin.

  • Loans for Bad Credit History
  • Emphasise on Affordability
  • Soft Enquiry on the Credit History

Car Loans

Potential buyers usually take the help of dealership when they start their search for car loans in Dublin. This is an age-old practice that doesn't make much sense in the digital world. You can save the dealership fees as the middlemen by selecting Current Finance Loans to get financial support for the following vehicle.

The process is free from additional collateral and guarantor even if you don't have perfect credit. You will find the interest rates among the lowest by a direct lender based on your credit profile. Also, we don't charge fees for missed payment for a month.

Moreover, a car loan is not just for buying a new vehicle for personal use. You can use it to cover the costly repairs or some great modification to your vehicle. The borrowers can choose from our 5 different plans available for car loans in Dublin.

  • Loan to Buy or Repair Car
  • No Broker Fees
  • Flexible Payment Schedule

Long-Term Loans

Long-term loans are often considered easy loans in Dublin and other parts of Ireland because of the low instalments. These loans offer a high credit amount to the borrower for a span of up to 5 years. It is similar the personal loans but with the option to extend the loan terms up to 7 years.

A long-term loan can serve a variety of purposes, such as debt consolidation and credit building. You can also use it to refinance your current debts to get a better deal. Unlike personal loans, you will find many businesses applying for these long-term, easy loans in Dublin.

However, you should consider the other aspect of the long-term loans that may change your decision towards short-term loans. The overall cost will increase with the loan tenure along with the uncertainty. Still, a manageable instalment should always remain your concern over the overall cost.

  • Manageable Instalments
  • Multipurpose Loan
  • Extendable Tenure at No Extra Cost

Student Loans

Student loans in Dublin cover every expense of students during their academic years. It is one of the most popular financial services in the whole of Europe. Many top talents in the professional world have climbed the corporate ladder after a student loan.

You get a year moratorium period to get a job before the instalments start. You can still choose not to pay the instalments after a job for a few months. This allows borrowers to get settled in a new environment.

There is considerable doubt over the return from student lloans in Dublin and other major cities. However, the answer lies in the educational qualifications of the significant position holders in big enterprises. Some require an MBA even to sit in the job interview to get an ample opportunity.

  • Terms Created for Students
  • Moratorium Period for a Year
  • Option to Refinance the Loan

Reasons to Choose Current Finance Loans

You will find many lenders with the promise to offer affordable and easy loans in Dublin. However, they work to exploit the financial condition of the borrowers and may charge some hidden fees. If you pay attention, you will find many words between the lines only to make the most money from your loan.

On the contrary, we offer loans in Dublin and almost every corner of Ireland with complete transparency. We have enlisted the reasons to fill the application form on our website –

  • Quality Customer Experience
  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • Flexible Repayment
  • Simple and Transparent Application Process
Final Outcome within 60 Seconds of Loan Approval


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