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What Are Quick Loans?

Do you need to open a borrowing door to get some funds without any delay? Is your income struggling to meet the emergency expenses? Quick same day loans in Ireland are offered to counter such urgent financial hiccups and allow the borrowers to get the funds for the fulfilment of their requirements.

These are the small loans and suit only for the circumstances where you are desperate to avail some money. We are the responsible direct lender in Ireland and provide loans on borrower-friendly features that further ensure financial stability in the borrowers’ lives.

With us, you have the opportunity to gain a maximum amount up to €10000 and for the maximum term of 36 months irrespective of credit or employment status. Unlike other Irish private lenders, we can extend the maximum limit to €15000. However, this happens only when the borrowers prove their repayment capacity.

Make Full Use of 24 hour loans

Paying the unforeseen and unexpected expenses can be challenging sometimes. It is where 24 hour loans in Ireland make their presence felt. These short-term loans are available for everyone seeking emergency funding. One can also repay under the prescribed terms.

These online same day loans have lesser paperwork than the standard loan options. Yet, they may have higher interest rates.

A few direct lenders in Ireland like us are ready to provide loans on competitive interest rates. But, the borrowers should have a good current income status. Besides, they are also making the payment on time nowadays.

What you need to do to get these small cash loans in a day?

The financial emergency demands a quick action to accumulate funds. The 24-hour loans are the perfect solution to this, if you follow these steps:

Start Your Loan Today

Do not think too much because it will only waste your time. Instead, start applying for the loans now without waiting for a longer time. Of course, you should do research but do not include a third party in it. Research on your own and find us to have the quick funding.

Know your credit score

Yes, it would be better if you have a prior knowledge of your credit score. We may take interest in knowing your credit past but it will not affect your credit record. By familiar us with your score, you will have a rising chance of guaranteed loan acceptance.

Keep ready your income slips

It is true that the online loan process does not include too much of paperwork. As we give the approval on your income status, we may need an e-copy of your income slips. Mail us these documents along with the loan query, and we approve a bespoke deal within 24 hours.  

Chance to Get Instant Loans in Ireland with No Income

Your financial life has a balance that can go with your steady job. However, it takes a quick turn when you face the grim situation of unemployment.

The reasons can be many of a sudden job loss, but on a few occasions, it is not your fault. Some circumstances did occur that you had to leave the full-time job. Based on this factor, we are ready to offer you instant loans, which are preferable in Ireland.

If not the income, we are ready to accept the unemployment benefits that you are receiving as the repayment source. Remember, in such a scenario, we will only provide the amount that is affordable for you or that you can manage from those benefits.

Here are the few advantages of these instant unemployed loans:

  • You have the chance of getting funds on the same day;
  • You can use your part-time income too to manage the repayments;
  • You can borrow funds until finding the next job;
  • Despite bad credit, the loan application may be considered with soft credit check;
  • Competitive interest rates are offered if reasons are valid for unemployment

Continue the cash flow with instant loans and live a smooth life despite no job.

Where Can You Use The Quick Same day Loans Offered In Ireland?

The easy availability of Quick Same day Loans in Ireland ensures that the locals here have the joy of getting fast funding access when they meet with sudden financial needs. Waiting for days or weeks may not possible to get the loan. Instead, you need money fast, and these loans can provide you with the same.

As our prospective borrower, you can use these fast loans for various purposes, such as:

  • When you have to purchase a gadget something like a Smartphone or CCTV camera for your home;
  • When you have lost your wallet while dining at the restaurant;
  • When you have to pay the college fees within the strict guidelines;
  • When you have to arrange extra money when planning for a family event;
  • When you have to go outside for conducting an important meeting or seminar

Indeed, there are many other circumstances where these quick loans in Ireland are helpful. You can discuss your requirement or desire with us. We will help you at our level best.

How Quickly Can I Expect Fund Transfer?

When you have chosen us among many online lenders in Ireland, it means you must have some expectations from lending norms. As the trustworthy Irish lender, we will not disappoint you and vouch for the SAME DAY FUND TRANSFER for your immediate benefits.

There is no surprise to reveal that we are among the top providers of cash loan in 1 hour in Ireland. It is because we work through 100% online method that ensures loan approval as well as the money transfer on the exact day of the application submitted.

Suggestion: We are fully determined to transfer the funds within a few minutes of the application approved. There might be some delay in rare cases, but the transfer will be done on the same day.




Fund Transfer within One Hour

Fund Transfer within 2-3 Hours

Fund Transfer within 24 Hours

No Credit Check

No Credit Check

Soft Credit Check

Repayment Term - 12 Months

Repayment Term - 24 Months

Repayment Term - 36 Months

Possibility Of Quick Cash Loans in 1 Hour With Bad Credit?

Our personalised deal on cash loans that you get in 1 hour in Ireland also includes those individuals who are facing bad credit issues. Yes, these people too need financial assistance in crucial times, especially when they already have rejections from the traditional lenders.

As the new-age lender in Ireland, we fully respect them and try to bring out the customised loan offer for them. The salient features that we used to provide to them are:

No Credit Check: Indeed, sometimes credit check puts obstacles in the way of borrowing funds. It also reveals individual credit scores in the market, which may not be suitable for any circumstances. Therefore, we understand this and ready to offer quick loan with no credit check option.

Easy Repayments: We are here to ease the financial burden of our borrowers not to increase it. We offer flexible repayment options to our poor credit borrowers so that they can repay within their capacity and without disturbing their monthly budget.

Enhancement in Credit Profile: Our loan deals will give you the chance to improve your credit rating through the route of flexible repayments. Nothing will be complicated, and indeed, our financial experts are here to guide you in credit score enhancement.

Can I Get Approval With No Guarantor?

Yes, there is no need to arrange a guarantor to back you in the repayments. There are two reasons why you can smoothly go for instant loans in Ireland with no guarantor. These are:

  • Loans Are According To Your Capacity -
    We are not among those lenders in Ireland who impose specific terms on to their borrowers. Instead, we first discuss with you regarding the current financial condition and then confirm the lending norms followed by final loan deal.
  • Competitive Interest Rates -
    As the responsible direct lender, we suggest you compare our interest rates with other direct lenders. We are sure that you will come back to us because our rates are always competitive with no or slight impact of your credit score.

Therefore, you do not need to be worried about the repayments and finding out the guarantor. Repay the loan on own capacity.

What Is The Loan Repayment Pattern At Current Finance Loans? 

As said earlier, we are quite flexible to the repayment strategy that we follow while providing quick loan in Ireland. However, we do have a fixed repayment policy as well as a variable repayment option.

Fixed repayments do have certain advantages like better credit record and timely end of the loan term. Although such policy sometimes not worked with some people because they are obliged to pay that fixed monthly instalment.

Flexible repayments keep the borrowers on the comfort zone, as they know that if they make less monthly instalment, then they can manage to next month’s instalments. Thus, there is a minimum chance of losing the repayments and maximum chance of gaining credit scores.

We also provide the automatic deduction option that applies to both these repayment modes.

Current Finance Loans is the ideal platform where you will have one loan deal but with multiple features just as we assure in our quick loans. It’s time to start the application by clicking here.

Quick Loans FAQs

How to get a quick loan in Ireland

To get a quick loan in Ireland, you will have to fill out the application form online and submit your bank statement. Based on your financial condition, the lender will transfer money directly to your account.

How can I get a fast loan with bad credit?

Getting fast loan with bad credit is no longer difficult. All you need to do is to fill out the online application form. No hard credit check will be performed. The lender will make soft inquiries and hence you will not lose your credit score.

Can I get instant cash loan if I am unemployed?

Yes, you can get instant cash loan if you are unemployed, but you will have to make sure that you have an income source other than a full-time job like rental income, part-time job or unemployment benefits.

Do you offer emergency quick loans for people on benefits?

Yes, Current Finance Loans provides emergency quick loans for people on benefits. The borrowing limit varies between €1,000 and €2,500. We will treat your benefits as income to decide the disbursal limit. However, you can show any other income source too if you have.

Can I get quick loans without a guarantor in 1 hour?

Yes, you can get quick loans without a guarantor in 1 hour. In fact, you will get the money directly in your account within ten minutes after the completion of the process.

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