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What Makes Special About Unemployed Loans?

Being an unemployed person is not easy at all. Whether it is finding the new job or seeking a house to live on a rental basis, the factor of job loss will make a huge impact. Unemployment means the person wants to do a job and has all the capabilities but unable to find the work for a specific period.

During this time, managing the finances becomes difficult all of a sudden. With us, you do not need to worry too much.

Unemployed loans, which we provide on bespoke deals, come as the financial rescue for them where they can fetch desired funds to cope up with their increasing expenses. Primarily, these are the short term loans available for the maximum duration of 36 months.

Unemployed Loans

We, as the responsible direct lender in Ireland, are committed to offering you the loans that go towards the maximum limit of 60 months. However, it is largely based upon your income capacity and current financial needs. Based on these factors, we both can decide on the final borrowing amount, which is usually between €1000 and €15000.

To be our borrower, you need to have these qualifications:-

  • You must be earning the part-time income;
  • You borrow according to your financial capability;
  • You must focus on the proper monthly repayments.

What are the Advantages of Personal Loans for the Unemployed?

Unemployment suddenly stops your cash flow, which has been the base of your financial balance. You are certainly in need of a quick fund disbursal to revive your finances.

The fast loans for the unemployed in Irelandare purposefully provided to allow that cash flow for you. Available online, these personal loans do not involve too much documentation that paves the way for instant acceptance.

Here are the benefits of personal loans for the unemployed:-

Flexible Repayment Plans

The significant benefit of these funding sources is the flexible repayment plans. We know that you are not earning the full-time income and will manage the repayments from your part-time income. Therefore, we put multiple plans in which you can choose your manageable one.

No Upfront Charges

We are the responsible private lender in Ireland and do not want to surprise you with any additional cost. The initial rates that you receive in the loan quote will remain till the end.

Instant Response to Loan Query

As soon as you submit your loan application, we instantly start working on it. Our financial experts respond quickly to each loan query and prepare a suitable deal for your pocket.

Acceptance for Every Credit Score

At CurrentFinanceLoans, we bring the benefit of applying for unemployed loans with any credit score. Whether you have a good credit score or not, we approve your loan application based on your current financial status.

Can I Expect Multiple Ways To Apply For The Cash Loans?

We are the modern-age direct lender and devoted towards the digital form of lending. You are welcome as our online borrower, and we feel proud to offer you the best of online lending. Suppose you do not have internet access right now, then you can opt for our other applying modes.

We offer 3 modes to apply for our unemployed loans, and these are:

Online Method: As discussed above, we follow a 100% online lending service that is a pure and full guarantee to the transparency of the borrowers’ data. You only need to come to our website, fill out the application form and submit it.

Text Message: If you are in too much hurry up for funds, then choose our text message mode of applying for the loans. However, it would be better if you have already registered with us. Just send us a text, and our representative will quickly get back at you to take the process further.

Doorstep Lending: Many disabled people, single mothers, and retired individuals cannot go outside to the lending marketplace to seek for a loan deal. We offer them a doorstep lending service where we send our agent to their home to complete the loan procedure.

You can see we give variety in terms of everything. Due to the extreme comfort, most of our borrowers opt for our doorstep cash loans for unemployed in Ireland. You can also think about the same.

Can I Get Guaranteed Loans for Unemployed?

When you are unemployed and want to apply for loans, you wish to have the guaranteed approval from the lender. We are the responsible direct lender and, therefore, do not want to promise the guaranteed loans.

We try our best to bring guaranteed loan acceptance and allowinstant cash loans for unemployed in Ireland. We use our FLEXIBLE lending policy to allow this and relieve the borrower with quick peace of mind.

Two factors determine whether your loan application has guaranteed acceptance or not:-

Your Part-time or Side Income Source

Since you do not have a full-time job, we would like to see your part-time income capacity. We can accept your loan application based on the income generated through:-

  • Freelancing
  • Rental Property
  • Unemployed Allowance
  • Physical Disability Benefits
  • Unemployed Benefits

Your Affordability to Repay the Loan

Based on your side income, we further decide whether you can afford the loan or not. We do not want you to use your savings to repay the loan. You should borrow funds when your part-time income has the capacity of making the repayments. 

Are Loans for Unemployed in Ireland Unsecured?

Most personal loans are unsecured, but sometimes, the lenders can demand the collateral as they do not want to own the risk. At CurrentFinanceLoans, we offer cash loans for the unemployed in Ireland with no collateral needed.

The unsecured nature of the loans allows the smooth and quick loan approval for the borrowers. It is because:-

These are Short-term Loans

Since you are jobless, borrowing long-term funding may not be possible. Therefore, we are ready with these short-term loans where documentation is almost none, and instant approval has the approval chances.

These are Part-time Income-based Loans

Providing the collateral may not be possible for unemployed people. It will be a massive risk for them if they put any asset to secure the loan. Therefore, we relax them with approving the loan application on their part-time income and the affordability to repay the loan.

What is the Repayment Method On Loans For Unemployed?

The loans in Ireland for unemployed people are solely relying upon your promise to repay according to the given schedule and your e-signature to the online loan contract. We expect that you repay the borrowed amount sincerely and with complete assurance.

To ease your efforts in following the monthly instalments, we are giving you two repayment options to choose one of them. These are flexible repayments and fixed repayments. Both have their advantages, which are explained below in the table.

Ideal for those with limited part-time income. Fixed repayments help in managing the monthly budget.
Help in improving the credit score, if it belongs to bad or very bad credit score. This repayment mode also suits best to the borrowers to repay the amount and keep credit score up.
With flexible repayments, you can skip a one-month payment but compensate it to the next monthly instalment. You need to pay the fixed monthly instalment, and that will reduce your financial burden in the coming months.

SUGGESTION: Decide the repayment mode from either of these modes only after analysing the capacity of your monthly part-time income or the benefits that you are gaining from the government. Besides, it will be best if you opt for our AUTOMATIC DEDUCTION option not to miss any instalment.

How Much My Credit Score Is A Deciding Factor In Loan Acceptance?

When you open up to apply for a loan, your credit score covers up the maximum gap from the loan acceptance to the fund disbursal. The situation may become more challenging when you do not have the job, and your credit score is not good either.

As the responsible private lender in Ireland, we come up with something very UNIQUE lending deal for you that is USEFUL for sure.

We are well prepared to offer you unemployed loans, and bad credit is not an issue at all for us. We make this possible with two significant FACTORS:-

No Credit Check

We follow the new-age lending where credit score does not define the approval or declining the loan. We do not perform credit perusal of our borrowers and keep the approval on the base of income capacity.

Features of unemployed loans

Loan Co-signer

Recently, we have brought up a new concept where we allow our borrowers to bring a co-signer instead of a guarantor. The person can be a spouse, a close friend or any family member. We give equal lending benefits to both, and that will make repayments easier to follow.

What Should I Do to Get Loans for Unemployed in 1 Hour?

Circumstances may be as such that you have to lose out on your full-time job. At the same time, there is no need to lose out the hope of financial revival. At CurrentFinanceLoans, we understand that you need help as soon as possible from somewhere.

We offer the perfect lending platform where you can expectquick loans for unemployed in Ireland. As soon as your loan application gets approval from us, we release the desired funds to your bank account in 1 hour.

However, here are a few suggestions that you need to follow:-

  • Keep earning some income from any sources like rent from your property, benefits or freelancing;
  • Try to maintain a maintain acceptable credit score (although acceptance is also on the poor credit score);
  • Pay recent utility bills or credit card bills on time, which will help keep your good recent financial performance.

CurrentFinanceLoans does bring approval within 60 minutes, but we determine to offer you loans on affordability. We suggest you not borrow beyond your financial capacity and request such an extremely necessary amount right now.

Grab the Chance of Unemployed Loans with No Guarantor

The loans for the unemployed in Ireland are small personal loans. Therefore, no guarantor is needed when you apply for the loans. We trust your current financial capacity and allow funds to believe that you will repay the loans within the given schedule.

It has the following benefits:-

Save Your Time a lot:With no condition of providing the guarantor, you can save a lot of time of yours. Instead of finding out a person to take your loan guarantee, you can find out a new job by attending multiple interviews in a quick time.

Don’t Reveal Your Financial Situation to Anyone: By applying for unemployed loans with no guarantor, you do not have to discuss your financial situation with anyone. Why take anyone’s help if you can arrange the financial help for yourself with the help of a direct lender like us?

More Chances of Same Day Approval:The condition of no guarantor creates more chances of same-day approval. We do not need the guarantor’s signature on your loan application. Instead, the approval comes on your financial affordability.

3 Reasons Why Current Finance Loans is Ideal Lending Platform

Sincerity, Secured process and Surprise-free lending

Yes, these three reasons bring us among the most preferred online lenders, particularly for the fast loans for unemployed in Ireland.


We have been sincere to our efforts because we only aim at your financial revival during unemployment.

Secured Process

Our online process comprises high internet technology and maintains full security to the user’s data.

Surprise-Free Lending

We are not interested in keeping our borrowers in any myth. Everything is clear and transparent here.

The stage is set for you to review your financial situation and make it sustainable until finding a new job. Therefore, do not wait for long, exercise your fingers to tap here and start applying for the unemployed loans.

Unemployed Loans FAQs

Can I get guaranteed loans for the unemployed?

Yes, you can borrow Cash Loan even if you are Unemployed. But, you may have to show your repayment capability. For this, you can show anyone things mentioned-below:

  • Guarantor
  • Spouse income
  • Credit history

Showing any of them is enough to get quick funds. Above it, if you have any part-time income, then you can show that too.

How I get a loan despite unemployment?

Unemployment is common these days, and direct lenders understand this. For getting approval, you can show guarantor that should not be financially connected. Or, if you are new borrower, then showing part-time income or any other additional source is enough to get funds.

Can I get a loan for unemployed with no guarantor?

Arranging guarantor is not an easy job; it took efforts to convince them. But, if you continuously fail to do this and need money then options, like showing credit score or collateral, can assist you in getting prompt approval.

Can I apply for an unemployed emergency loan?

Yes, you can apply for Unemployed Cash Loans In case Of emergency. The lender may ask you to show credit report or guarantor for speedy approval. If the amount is large, then collateral could be the right choice.

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